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Lapis Lazuli Oval Sterling Silver Earrings

· Confidence · Knowledge · Happiness ·

This stone has long since been one of the most popular crystals available to the general public, this is most likely because of its incredible untapped power. Lazurite, the main mineral component of Lapis Lazuli is a high vibrational stone. It opens up our third eye, promoting ascension, higher knowledge, and truth-seeking.

• There are also several health benefits offered by the gem, as Lapis Lazuli is excellent at promoting healthy blood flow and a well-functioning circulatory system overall. Women can also use it to help any pain or complications that arise during their monthly cycles or while they are pregnant.
• Moreover, it helps with anxiety and depression and can also improve focus in the workplace. The high vibrations of this gem also stimulate the mind to work better and harder while simultaneously improving concentration and memory.
• Lapis Lazuli also prevent negative thoughts and emotions from catching a hold onto people that keep it close, thereby promoting overall happier and stable moods.
Through deep meditation, people are able to understand their thoughts and sculpt their actions based on the knowledge that Lapis Lazuli provided them. Because of the stones wide range of abilities, it pairs well with most other crystals and stones, however, we would recommend pairing it with Amethyst or an Agate for the best effect.

Lapis Lazuli, Oval .925 Sterling Silver Earrings
The following measurements are approximate:
Drop from top of hook: 2.9cm
Drop from the bottom of hook: 1.5cm
Width: 1.1cm wide at widest point   

The earrings pictured are the ones you will receive. If you have any further questions regarding this product please contact us at


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Lapis Lazuli Oval Sterling Silver Earrings


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