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Like a phoenix from the ashes, We are back and more magical than ever!!!

From crystals to books, cards to jewellery, candles to essential oils, we have just what you need to add a spark of magic to your life's journey.

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About Elemental Connection

Born from the passionate soul of Deanne Leckie, Elemental Connection was created in 2013 to provide a community which fosters zen and safety away from the stress of everyday life. Either guided to seek your own spirituality or a want to get lost in crystals and colour, we seek to hollistically guide your souls journey.

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Golden Healer Generator

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Blue Lace Agate Teardrop Sterling Silver Ring

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Lapis Lazuli Oval Sterling Silver Earrings


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Our beautiful shop in Ormiston, Queensland continues to offer sanctuary for our customers where you can get hands on with the products and gain knowledge and guidance from our wonderful staff.

Additional services provided in store are:

  • Healings
  • Readings
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