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Golden Healer Generator

· Healing · Strength · Alignment ·

Golden Healer Quartz, also known as hematoid quartz, is one of many types of quartz that can be found. However, this type of quartz gets its golden colouring from inclusions of trace amounts of iron present within the crystal. This is different from the normal clear quarts, which more simply is comprised of silicone dioxide. As the name suggests, it is considered by many as a ‘master healer’ crystal, characterised by the strength and broad versatility of its healing energies.
• The Golden Healer’s healing properties include its ability to align the chakras and magnify the flow of energy passing through one’s body. By many accounts, this stone assists you in activating energy centres within you and improving one’s ability to manifest one’s goals, while realising one’s truest self. This stone is valuable for people who wish for a stone that can assist them in restoring the motivation and courage to keep up their efforts to break free of their destructive habits.
• While the Golden Healer Quartz stone is associated with the crown chakra, it’s powerful ability to connect and align the chakras is not to be understated. When present during meditation, its healing abilities and balancing power can work to improve your results, inviting spiritual, and emotional healing. In addition to use during meditation, keeping a stone on your person either in the form of jewellery or stashed in a pocket or backpack will allow you to reap the stone’s benefits as you go about your day!
The Golden Healer Quartz is paired well with and its effects enhanced when combined in its use with other healing stones. For those seeking complete and full energetic cleansing as well as protection from negative energies, use this stone in conjunction with hematite or black obsidian. If you are looking to better balance your energies, make sure you pair this stone with lapis lazuli or jasper. To be able to receive more meaning from your dreams, using a Golden Healer with Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Opal, Jade, or Citrine.


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